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Arts Academy

Arts Academy

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Gould Academy
The Arts Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted

Located in the outskirts of Portland, Maine; The Arts Academy is a place for boys and girls of the high school age [13-18] to come and perfect their art. Be it dance, photography, instrumental, painting, acting or something else, this school offers everyone the chance to exceed in their talent. Students are housed on campus, in one of two dorms, depending on gender. Academics are also offered in: Maths, English, Science, Foreign Language, History, depending on grade level. Also, many of our graduates go on to attend the college of art that is located near-by.
Welcome to The Arts Academy; Enjoy your stay.

Community Rules

Questions? Ask the mod! IM petecanhas, look in the FAQ post,or send a message to the mod journal!

1] Characters: Members of bands, the "scene", actors/actresses are all allowed; along with original characters. Please remember to let us know in the application whether this is member of a band/the scene/actor or an original character. We are currently also accepting fictional characters, but all characters MUST have a PB (no cartoons, sorry kids). They can be students OR teachers. You cannot join as inanimate objects; I should not even have to say this. All character holds will be valid for three days unless discussed with the mod.

2] Respect: Please respect the mods as well as other players. Don't be a dick :) If someone is hassling you in the comm or giving you trouble OOC, please don't hesitate to inform the mod. If you are the hassler and multiple people have had complaints about you, you will be given two warnings. The third time, you will be banned form the community.

3] Relationships: Please remember this community allows all kinds of relationships – Slash/Femme/Het. Be tolerant or I'll be forced to whack you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. I'm serious, guys. O:)

4] Nettiquette: Lets please keep chat-speak out of the Role Play. If your character is Instant Messaging another, it is acceptable, but not for scenes. When RPing your character doesn't "lol".

5] Hiatus: You may go on hiatus for up to three months - we understand that sometimes you just need to sort out your life/go on vacation/dispose of a body, but if you're gone for longer than three months you'll be presumed dead/inactive & deleted. Please let the supremely awesome and wonderful mod know (Pete-Shaped) before you decide you need a hiatus – and once it is cleared, you need to post OOC in the OOC community.

6] Major Story Lines: No murder, suicide or death of characters. All "major" storylines [ex: rape, dorm fires, etc] must be agreed on mutually by all parties involved.

7] Pregnancy/Marriage: No pregnancy, period. This isn't the setting for it. Marriage is OK, but for the purposes of this community a divorce will take three months to be finalized. Marriage is male/female; same sex couples are looking at a civil union. No marriage for students, sorry kids. Marriages need to be discussed first with the mod. I'm pretty reasonable, I just need to know what's going on. **In the subject line of your application, please put "Just as good as Cooking Mama," so that I know you've read and understood the rules so far.**

8] IC/OOC: Please keep IC and OOC separate. Everyone knows this is the biggest rule in Role Play. Let’s enforce it. Any border crossing and you will be abused with the previously mentioned newspaper, and possibly kicked.

9] Journals: All journal and AIM names must include your character's name. No exceptions. You may use the same screen name for several communities, but please have a separate Livejournal account for this game only. Journals should be update at least once a month, by the last day of said month. Removals will be done on the first of the following month.

10] Disclaimers: Please put a disclaimer in your user-info. You may wish you were, however we are not the celebrities we are portraying. Please make sure everyone knows that. We don't want to get sued or anything.

11] Character Limits: At the moment, each player may have three characters at most. Any questions with this – speak to the holy one.

12] Age Limit: Teachers must be aged 22+, however 20 and over can work as teacher's assistants. They would live on-campus in the staff apartments and attend external classes 2 days a week, helping in the classroom for 3.

13] Pets - Students/teachers may keep pets on campus. There is a limit - one each. Cats/birds/fish/turtles/rabbits are all ok; and dogs in some instances. As they can get rather large they must be cleared by the mod first. Small-medium dogs should be ok (however anything as big as say a labrador will not. We're talking Pugs, Beagles, Sharpeis, Jack Russell Terriers, Weiner Dogs... You get the drill).

14] Password: The password phrase is "just shut up and give me my burrito." Please put this in your application where required to state that you have read and agreed to all the above rules.

Picture of School is taken from Gould Academy, Of Bethel, Maine. We have no affiliation with them or any of the celebrities portrayed here.


Located in Portland, Maine, Arts University is where many Arts Academy alumni seek their college educations!

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